You should now have a better idea of what I accomplished through the gateway course. Allow me to digress for a second though. There was a reason my first draft of the introductory essay was so ill tempered. My relationship with this course was very up and down; some days I was incredibly engaged, others I couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.


I’m willing to take a majority of the blame though for any bad experiences. I can often be terribly close-minded and difficult to please, and because this course wasn't always exactly what I wanted, I showed up to class many Tuesday and Thursday mornings in a terrible mindset. In this mindset, I am constantly discontent, can find a flaw in anything, and overall, am a complete grump. This was also the mindset I was in when drafting the original introductory essay.


Much of the work I’ve done throughout the semester has been satire, a genre that has the distinct purpose of exposing flaws in a person through irony or humor. My experience with the genre, and my dislike for my sometimes-crabby self all leads to a logical conclusion: a satire on me!


Below you can find my interview with the long-suffering, impossible to please, Grumpy Max:

Reminder: THIS IS SATIRE. While at times I certainly felt like the class wasn't doing much for me, compiling this E-Portfolio and looking back on the semester as a whole has proven that #Writing220 was very valuable. Grumpy Max's thoughts bear very little resemblance to my prevailing thoughts on the course.


On that note, now that you're more familiar with myself (and Grumpy Max unfortunately), the class, and my E-Portfolio, it's time to explore!     








Welcome to My E-Portfolio!


This is a showcase of the work I’ve done for the gateway course to my Writing minor. In this spot, I am supposed to put an introductory essay that introduces my portfolio and explores the progress I’ve made as a writer over the course of the semester. When I first attempted to draft this essay, it ended up as an incoherent critique of this class, capitalism, Marxism, and – you guessed it – Buzzfeed. To ensure that my actual introduction is nothing like that mess of a first draft, I’m completely switching genres and conducting an interview with myself.


You can watch the interview below: